9 Jan 2013
The Crown Estate publishes Pöyry's report on regulatory barriers to offshore connections

The offshore renewable generation sector is facing a number of challenges as the UK energy industry responds to changing economic, technological and political priorities. One of the key challenges developers face is the delivery of timely and cost-effective connections to the electricity transmission system. In the light of this, The Crown Estate asked Pöyry to consider – and propose potential solutions to –  regulatory barriers to cost-effective and/or timely connection of offshore generation to the transmission system offshore.  

The Crown Estate presented Pöyry's independent  report to Ofgem in December 2012 for consideration in its current review of regulatory frameworks (the 'ITPR' project), and has now published it for the benefit of wider stakeholders.  As this was an independent piece of work, the opinions expressed in the report are Pöyry's and do not necessarily fully reflect the view of The Crown Estate.
Download the report here, or read more at The Crown Estate's website.