Gas & Oil

The Pöyry gas and oil team has been involved in the liberalising gas markets since the start of the UK liberalisation in 1986, and our expertise now extends throughout Europe.

Through our involvement in all aspects of the market, we have gained a keen understanding of the issues facing participants in all parts of the gas chain, from shipping and LNG all the way through to transmission, storage, distribution and retail supply. Given our expertise across Europe, we are able to offer an independent viewpoint across a range of markets that vary in levels of liberalisation, regulation, size and opportunities.

The Pöyry gas and oil team offers a rich balance between in-depth industry experience and expertise in the fields of economics, business strategy, regulatory issues and modelling. We are acknowledged experts in:

  • gas market modelling and market analysis;
  • LNG, including small-scale LNG;
  • gas storage services, including regulation and valuation;
  • gas transportation issues;
  • gas and capacity purchasing strategies;
  • contracting, including market expert in arbitration disputes;
  • third party access rules and industry regulation;
  • commercial, regulatory, technical and environmental due diligence in gas and oil transmission and storage assets; and
  • the interface between the gas and electricity markets.

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