Thermal & Renewable Energy

Pöyry is one of the leading consultants in Europe for the development and implementation of bioenergy projects, with a significant track record in the successful engineering of biomass power and CHP plants, energy-from-waste (EfW) and waste treatment processes.

Pöyry covers the entire bioenergy marketing and utilisation value chain, using state-of-the-art methods and technologies in the areas of energy, wood/biomass/waste fuel supply and heat and power generation.  Our services cover all stages of project development, from pre-feasibility and feasibility assessments, environmental evaluations and due diligence work to project design, project management and implementation. 

Pöyry has gained extensive experience in Bio-Renewables, including energy-from-waste (EfW) and biomass, over many decades as owner’s engineer for EPC turnkey solutions as well as for EPCM multi-contract solutions in the UK and internationally.  The latter tends to require a much more ‘hands-on’ and less supervisory approach than as owner’s engineer for EPC solutions, since with the EPCM model Pöyry carries the overall engineering, project and construction management responsibility and this requires a deeper understanding and capability.

This has led Pöyry to develop specialist project and construction management skills and also the specialist engineering skills that enable the definition of individual plant packages (e.g. fuel handling, boiler, turbine, etc.) and performance guarantees and the detailed design of the balance of plant systems (e.g. civil, electrical, automation) that are needed to bring everything together.

Range of Technical Know-How

Pöyry is very experienced in designing bioenergy plants for industrial and utility cogeneration applications, having carried out the engineering for numerous bioenergy CHP plants based on a range of conventional and advanced technologies (BFB, CFB, grate, pulverised fuel, etc.) and fuel types.