Energy Market Design

Market Design, Policy and Regulation

Evolving policy priorities are perpetually tweaking the fundamental structure of electricity markets. In the future, electricity must be low-carbon, secure and cheap.

The increasing uptake of renewable technologies has made a positive contribution towards Europe’s climate objectives, but their fluctuating output requires the creation of imbalance settlement arrangements. 

The Third Energy Package and through the European Target Model would nudge market participants to find the most economic solutions through cross-border trades, yet governments, sensitive to energy security, are also exploring national capacity markets.

Meanwhile, policy objectives for energy efficiency together with technological developments in energy storage are auguring a gradually expanding role for demand-side management.  Finally, the November 2016 Winter Package also heralds a world where aggregators of small-scale prosumers actively contribute to the creation of a more decentralised European energy system.

Dealing with such complex issues about electricity market design is nothing new for Pöyry.  We have a long history of engaging in such projects for our clients, from end to end.  Our clients have been both private companies and public bodies – single customers as well as large consortia.   We go beyond merely handing over reports to our clients.  Instead, we also cater to their information dissemination needs by developing communication strategies, hosting events or providing expertise in legislative committee hearings.

Our broad range of expertise enables us to:

  • Assess how changes in market fundamentals and technologies affect current market players
  • Develop future-orientated market design options
  • Conduct detailed modelling of market arrangements
  • Implement new market designs
  • Formulate strategies to operate within revised markets

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