Energy Market Modelling

We pride ourselves on having some of the most powerful market modelling available to tackle complex problems in the energy markets.

Modelling Suite

Our experience of modelling energy markets dates back over 20 years, and since then we have tackled the major challenges in the energy sector.  In particular, a unified approach across the different energy sectors allows Pöyry to create internally consistent scenarios, where gas, carbon and electricity reach a stable equilibrium.

Electricity Modelling

Pöyry is a world leader in the analysis and modelling of electricity markets. This involves long-term projections both of the physical behaviour such as operation, emissions and fuel consumption of plants, as well as financial information such as electricity prices and profitability.

Gas Modelling

Pöyry has unrivalled expertise in modelling the pan-European gas market, utilising our custom-built gas models. In conjunction with our electricity and oil models, they form a powerful package in assisting a wide variety of clients in their strategic outlook over the next 30 years.